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Jarrell Counseling

Providing individual and marital counseling via telehealth in Texas and New Mexico.  

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Telehealth allows you the opportunity to receive the same quality services you would receive in an office, but from the comfort of your own private home/office setting using video therapy or teleconferencing.  

Advantages to using telehealth services include:

* Some people are unable to utilize traditional, in office therapy due to physical limitations, geographic location, or scheduling issues.

* No travel time to/from an office. 

* No transportation time or costs.

* Eliminate the need for childcare.

* More flexible scheduling options, before work, lunch, after work.

* No worries about childcare, telehealth allows you to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Some things to consider before starting teletherapy:

* If you have a laptop, desktop PC or Mac older than 3 years, the program make struggle to run properly.

* Connecting directly to your router using an ethernet cable for wired internet is recommended, though wireless networks can work fine as           well.

* Chrome or Firefox are the preferred internet browsers.

* For optimal therapy experience, please sit in a quiet space with limited distractions.

Create a private therapy enviroment at home:

* Use white noise machine or play music in the background.

* Use headphones.

* Use outdoor space - take a walk or go to a private space outside.

* Use a large closet, garage, or car.